Cyber Crime Reporting Guide

This is the user’s guide about how to file a complaint on a Cyber crime portal launched by the Government of India. The detailed guide provides us the procedure of all the crimes that we can report on this portal related to cyber crimes. Please contact local police in case of an emergency or for reporting crimes other than cybercrimes. The national police helpline number is 100. The national women helpline number is 181.

For Reporting, this portal includes two option on the home page –
1. To Report cyber related crimes against women & children.

2. To Report other cyber crimes.

Fig. 1


OPTION 1:- TO REPORT ANONYMOUSLY(Available only for crimes against women & Children)

Description- Users have an option to report cyber crime without revealing their identity and it is known as anonymous reporting of cyber crime. The option is available only for the cyber crimes committed against women & children.
STEP 1:- visit in your browser(such as or

Fig. 2

STEP 2:- Home page will appear, select the option “Report women/child related crime” under which you have to select “report anonymously”.

Fig. 3

STEP 3:-  A page will appear which contains some information about the portal. On the same page you have to select “file a complaint” and accept the Privacy policy before moving forward.

Fig. 4

STEP 4:- On the appeared reporting page fill the “details of incident and complaint” correctly. Save and move to the next page.

Fig. 5

STEP 5:-  Next you have to fill the “suspect details”. These are the details of the person on whom you have doubt that he/she may have done that offence.

Fig. 6

STEP 6:-  The last step is to preview your complaint and after you are satisfied “submit a complaint”.

Fig. 7

STEP 7:- After submitting your complaint you’ll get an “acknowledgement number/ticket number”. Keep it safe as you’ll need it in future to track or check the status of your complaint.

Fig. 8


OPTION 2:- If you do not want to report it anonymously (for women & child-related cyber crimes) you have another option available. Just log in and follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

Fig. 9



Fig. 10

STEP1:- Click on the above encircled option to file a complaint for cyber crimes other than cyber related to women and children. The pop up screen will appear, click on the “file a complaint” to start with the procedure.

Fig. 11

STEP 2:-  Login page will appear here. “Log in” to the portal by filling your correct details. Remember the mobile number you entered will receive OTP that you have to enter for login, so it advisable to keep that mobile number with you beforehand.

Fig. 12

STEP 3:- The reporting page will appear where you have to fill the details of the incident. 

First is to fill the category of the incident and also the sub-category. Drop down list will appear in both options. Select the most preferable category in which your incident will fall.

In the “incident description” option, Fill even the small details of the incident and mention your incident in detail.

Sub-category will change according  to the category you choose of the incident. 

Fig. 13

Fig. 14

Fig. 15

Choose save and next.

STEP 4:- In the next step you have to fill in the “suspect details”. These are the details of the person on whom you have doubt that he/she may have done that offence.

“It is not mandatory to fill these details”.

Fig. 16

STEP 5:- In this step you have to fill the “details of the complainant” i.e details of the person who is making a complaint. 

Fig. 17

STEP 6:- After filling the details of the complainant. Select “save and next” option. In the last step you have to preview and submit the complaint that you have made. 

After filing the complaint, you will receive an acknowledgment number/ticket number. Keep it safe as you will require it in future for tracking your complaint.



  • Victims also have an alternative to file a complaint. In order to make a complaint over a call, this is the helpline number on which one can call and register its complaint.

Fig. 18



Once you have registered the complaint on the website, you will receive a unique number for your reference. Further communication regarding the investigations will be done via a unique number generated. The number can also be used to track the status of the complaint.

Fig. 19



A hotline created by the Ministry of Women and Child development to report online bullying and abuse at  [email protected]

There is also a facility for getting the investigation done with getting your identity disclosed. There are Cyber Nodal Officers designated in almost every corner of the country.

A complaint can be registered by emailing to security officers on their respective email id. Full List here:

A PDF file with the list of email id and contact number of the nodal officers is available in the Contact Us section on website.

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