Cyber Crime First Aid Solution.
If you have been hit by a cyber crime, cyaid will be your very first step towards getting a remedy through legal support and guidance.

App Features

Cyaid is an ai powered bot which helps you fight cyber crime by guiding you to the ultimate legal remedy available. It also provides advice on do’s and dont’s of the cyber world. You can even contact a cyber legal expert if cyaid is not able to help you properly.

Indian Laws

Legal help for cyber crimes in relation to Indian laws.

Report Cyber Crime

Verified numbers and links to report cyber crime.

Legal Experts

Top legal and cyber experts to help you.

Trained A.I.

AI model trained to analyse the type of cyber crime happened with you and provide the best solution.

Cyber Experts

Satisfactory index points to escalate the case towards cyber experts.

Talk with Experts

Legal experts if not satisfied by bot’s answer.