Consultation from Cyber Experts / Cyber Lawyers

The Cyber expert will take up your matter and hear your issue.

Counselling for legal information & advices

The Cyber experts give advice and provide legal information to you.

Filing of a formal E-complaint / E-FIR as the case may be

Collecting and Analyzing all evidence, the e-complaint / e-FIR is being filed by our expert at the appropriate forum.

Completing all formalities and documentation

Our team will prepare all the quick files of your case mentioning the relevancy of collected evidence.

Approaching the relevant forum

Our legal expert team will approach your case to the relevant forum and will present the same to them to get the best cyber redressal

Personally look after of the investigation by our Cyber Experts & Advocates

The matter is personally look after by our expert

(Technical or legal) with LEA.

Review of Policy

The team of Cyaid will review the policies and agreements

(If entered upon)

Filing consumer complaints & representing clients in the matter

Our team will approach the consumer forum or take up your matter to the consumer commission.

Representing clients in civil matters, legislative hearings

The team will take up your matter to the court proceedings and present your matter before the court of law

Data Protection in future

Will protect your devices from future data breaches and provide you best advice for data protection

Cyber Insurance

We have the best cyber insurance plans and you can get insurance at special offers.

Regular Cyber Safety tips and counselling

You will get daily cyber safety tips & advice and you can attend our cyber security sessions free of cost